The Gathering @five

The Gathering @five

Join us for The Gathering @five:

  • first, second, third and fifth Sundays
  • 5:00 p.m. - 5:45 p.m.
  • Chapel

Why Sunday evening?

The Gathering @five began as a request from the congregation to offer a worship service for people who are unable to attend worship services on Sunday mornings. One third of the workforce must work on Sunday mornings. Families travel on the weekends. Mobility issues make getting to church in the morning difficult. 

Casual and Inclusive

The Gathering @five is a place where all people feel welcome and free to come as they are. We encourage families to worship together. We have a “prayground” for younger children to play and kids’ worship bags for older children.

Traditional Worship

The Gathering @five has a traditional worship style with hymns, engaging sermons, and small ensemble music. We encourage engagement in the community and a connection to the larger First Baptist Church body. Also, we serve communion at every gathering with an area reserved to pray over children. Because the service is new, we are flexible to change and develop as our Gathering needs evolve.

We are excited for what 2019 will bring for the @five services:

Building a Community

The Gathering @five is led by church and community leaders. We are a part of First Baptist Church. Members of the church body share their leadership talents and creativity to make each gathering unique. Each service lasts about 45 minutes. We encourage participants to stay afterward to talk or grab dinner together to form new friendships together.