Lenten Sermon Series

Sunday Mornings

“Lent Letters,” 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., Sanctuary

  • February 18, “Lent Letters: 1 Peter” by Dr. Jim Somerville
    “I have to confess: the Epistles are hard for me. I have to work extra hard to figure out what those words meant then and there, and extra hard to bring the meaning into the here and now. And that's especially true for 1 Peter...” Listen to the Podcast

  • February 25, “Lent Letters: Romans” by Dr. Jim Somerville
    Rhetoric means ‘doing things with words.’ A ghost story is meant to scare you; a love story is meant to make you swoon; a motivational speech is meant to move you to action; a commercial is meant to make you buy something. When you start paying attention you begin to see that rhetoric is all around you...” Listen to the Podcast

  • March 4, “Lent Letters: 1 Corinthians” by Dr. Jim Somerville
    Over the course of time wisdom accumulated. At some point wisdom began to shift from survival to success, because it wasn't only life that people wanted. It was the *good* life...” Listen to the Podcast

  • March 11, “Lent Letters: Ephesians” by Dr. Jim Somerville
    “Imagine yourself waking up in a hospital room. You come to slowly. You see the bright fluorescent lights overhead, the pale green curtain hanging to your right, an IV tube taped to your left wrist. ‘Where am I?’ you ask. ‘You’re in the hospital,’ [the nurse] says, matter-of-factly. ‘You were dead.’...” Listen to the Podcast

  • March 18, “Lent Letters: Hebrews” by Dr. Jim Somerville
    “I was talking with one of our members last week who grew up Catholic, and I asked her if she missed anything about [it]. She admitted that she did. There was a lot of certainty in that tradition. You kind of knew whether you were following the rules or not. This free church tradition is different. On one hand it's liberating—you don’t have all those rules—but on the other hand it's frightening—how do you know that you're right with God...?” Listen to the Podcast

  • March 25, “Lent Letters: Philippians” by Dr. Jim Somerville
    “Our culture loves success. It's the most honorable thing there is. And the most shameful thing? It's losing. Losing the big game, losing your job, losing your house. [But] God doesn't see things the way the world sees them. What looks like success to the world doesn't look like success to him, and what looks like failure to the world doesn't look like failure to him...” Listen to the Podcast

Wednesday Evenings

Journey to the Cross: Unless a Seed Fall to the Ground: Tales of Love and Sacrifice,” 6:15 p.m., Sanctuary

  • February 14, Ash Wednesday Service Homily Unless a Seed by Dr. Jim Somerville
    “Today is a beginning. It’s the beginning of this forty-day season of Lent. Here at First Baptist Church, it is the beginning of something we call, ‘Journey to the Cross’...”
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  • February 21, Journey to the Cross Homily “In the Beginning” by Dr. Jim Somerville
    “Jesus taught us to think of God as a loving parent. It is not hard for me to imagine loving parents making sacrifices for the sake of their children. What is hard is for me to imagine loving parents sacrificing their children...”
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  • February 28, Journey to the Cross Homily “No Greater Love” by Dr. Jim Somerville
    “I have a hard time with tonight's lesson: the story from Genesis 22, when Abraham takes his son Isaac up on the mountain to offer him as a sacrifice...”
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  • March 7, Journey to the Cross Homily “What Shall I Give?” by Dr. Jim Somerville
    “Think about our own practice, where worship is often not about what we can give, but what we can get. When is the last time that giving something to God felt like a sacrifice...?”
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  • March 14, Journey to the Cross Homily “For the Sake of Love” by Dr. Jim Somerville
    “It wasn’t that God sacrificed his son for the sake of our sin. God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself...”
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  • March 21, Canceled due to inclement weather