The Ministry of Support is often an unseen ministry. Support is not about financial numbers, it is about the staff members who work in the office, Finance Office, the kitchen, and in building maintenance and care. Support is even about the people and companies from whom First Baptist buys products and services because that contact provides opportunities to minister to them even as they help us. 

Support is also about our many volunteers who…

  • answer the phones, 
  • drive the vans, 
  • maintain the grounds and gardens, 
  • count the Sunday offerings, 
  • make financial, personnel and building decisions, 
  • serve thousands of Wednesday suppers and other meals, 
  • assess our building needs,
  • perform many other essential duties

Support is everywhere and it needs everyone. Whatever your passion, there is a way for you to volunteer at the church and maybe even in the Support Ministry. Look at the needs around you and your community and then commit to join an incredible group of volunteers who give back to God and our neighbors. The Ministry of Support is all about serving others in tangible ways that help bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond, VA.

Responsibilities Include:
  • Church Business Administration
  • Personnel Administration
  • Facilities – First Helpers
  • Food Service
  • Reception Team
  • Finance / Records Office
  • Finance / Budget / Generosity Teams
  • Tellers / Audit teams
  • Insurance Team
  • Premises Team
  • Eagle Eyrie / Charlotte Acres

For more information, contact Tom Visotsky, Finance/Business Manager.