Divorce Recovery

Divorce Recovery 

Divorce Recovery is a year-round program for those who are going through divorce, a major breakup or separation. The centerpiece of the ministry is the eight-week Divorce Recovery Workshop in the fall, followed by support groups and special events.

Join others for education, support, and encouragement with opportunities to build new community and create new and meaningful friendships. There are programs for adults, teens and children. Child care is available for younger children.

Fall Workshop (Limited Enrollment)

For anyone experiencing the loss of a relationship through divorce, separation, or major breakup, with programs for adults, children and teens, and childcare for younger children.

Sundays, September - November - eight consecutive Sunday sessions in Flamming Hall.

To extend a hand of care and concern representing the love of Jesus Christ and his restoring forgiveness.

To provide a safe place for people suffering the pain of divorce where they can discover healing and a future with hope.

Focus on healing from the emotional issues associated with recovery from divorce and rebuilding after divorce.

For more information, please call (804) 358-5458 ext. 118 or email: Kim McIntosh, Administrative Assistant, or Ralph Starling, Associate Pastor.