The 1780 Society

The 1780 Society

The 1780 Society was established by First Baptist Church to recognize and extend gratitude to those who have made estate plans in support of the ministries of FBC. It also provides an opportunity for anyone to leave a legacy of their Christian values to future generations. It is open to anyone and everyone.

The 1780 Society has no board, officers or committees.

To become a member of The 1780 Society, simply notify the Finance/Business Manager, Tom Visotsky, that you have included the church or Endowment Fund in your estate plans. No mention needs to be made of what type of estate plan or the amount of the planned gift. No minimum gift is required. Estate plans include wills, life insurance, retirement and other funds, real estate and other tangible property.

Naming First Baptist Church or First Baptist Endowment Fund, Inc. as a beneficiary of your estate or a specific asset—such as an IRA or an insurance policy—provides a simple way to begin your legacy now by providing resources for Kingdom work in the future.

The ideal gift is one that is not designated, thus allowing the church or Endowment Board to determine where it can best be used. However, donors are free to designate the use of their gifts to the FBC Community Ministry, Worship Ministry, Recreation Ministry, Television Ministry, New Churches, Richmond Community Ministry Missions, Education and Scholarship, Missions or General Ministry.

A list will be published periodically of the members of The 1780 Society. Members have the option of their gifts being anonymous.

During the past few years, there have been several occasions when talking with family members of a deceased First Baptist member, the comment would be made, “We can’t believe that Mom/Dad did not leave something to the church in their wills because they loved this church very much.” Unfortunately, many individuals who intend or desire to leave a gift to the church, fail to take that extra effort to change their wills or communicate with the Executor of their estates.

For more information contact Jim Norvelle or Kim Boys.