Bible Study Groups

Dr. Somerville teaches a weekly Pastor’s Class for all who are interested at 9:45 a.m. in the Adams Room. In 2017 he went on a church-wide “Talkback Tour,” visiting Sunday school classes with members’ questions comprising the curriculum. This year he says, “I’ve got some things I need to teach!” Come find out what some of those things are this Sunday.

Bible Study Groups

First Baptist has Bible studies for all ages, every Sunday morning from 9:45 - 10:45 a.m.

Check out our maps for room numbers and welcome areas.

Children and Students

Sunday school classes for children birth through seniors in high school are held every Sunday morning from 9:45 - 10:45 a.m. as follows:

  • Birth-5 years: First Floor
  • 1st-5th Grades: Second Floor
  • 6th-8th Grades (Youth 1): Lower Level
  • 8th-12th Grades (Youth 2): Third Floor


Sunday Morning

Sunday morning bible study classes for adults of all ages are held  from 9:45 - 10:45 a.m. as follows:

Teacher: Tia Cochran
Location: Pusey House, 1st Floor (2705 Park Avenue, behind main church building)
Description: Young adults currently engaged in undergraduate studies.

Young Professionals
Teacher: Brett Holmes
Location: Suite 230C
Description: Young adults, 22-early 30s, recent college graduates, seeking or in first career position.

Young Couples
Teachers: Clint and Sally Ann Smith
Location: Suite 230D
Description: Couples in first 10 years of marriage, mid 20s-30s.

Teachers: David and Susan Beach
Location: Suite 213
Description: Married & single, mid 30s to 40s.

Teacher: Ruth Anne Walker
Location: Suite 230A
Description: Women, married & single, 30s-50s

Teacher: Michael Lipford
Location: Suite 240D
Description: Couples, 40s-60s.

Teacher: John Kim
Location: Suite 240C
Description: Married & single, mid 40s-50s.

Teacher: Van Williams
Location: Suite 240J
Description: Couples, mid 40s-50s.

Teacher: Emerson Shelton 
Location: Suite 240B
Description: Married & single, mid 30s-50s

Next Step
Teacher: Bruce Leary
Location: Suite 240H
Description: Married & single, late 40s-60s.

Teacher: Tommy Pusser
Location: Suite 216
Description: Married & single, mid 30s-50s.

Teacher: Mike Harton
Location: LL-12
Description: Single & married, 45+. 

Teacher: Bev Carroll
Location: Suite 244
Description: Married & single, mid 30s-60s.

New Directions
Teacher: Laura Hedrick
Location: Suite 240G
Description: Married & single, mid 50s-60s

Teacher: Gwen Smith
Location: Suite 230B
Description: Single adults, mid 50s-60s.

Radical Grace
Teacher: Larry Henley, Laura McBride
Location: Suite 215
Description: Married & single, mid 40s+

Teacher: Steve Booth
Location: LL16
Description: Single and married, 40s-60s

Teachers: Karen Palmer, Betty Ann Dillon, David Jackson
Location: Suite 214
Description: Married & single, mid 40s-70s

Studio Class
Teacher: Kathy Thompson 
Location: Suite 208
Description: Married & single, 50s-70s 

Mustard Seed
Teacher: Lewis Myers
Location: Suite 280J
Description: Married & single, mid 50s-70s.

Teachers: Rob Blackmore, Mollie Hummel, Susan Grant, Dan Dixon, Art Jones
Teacher Emeritus: Clark Scanlon
Location: Suite 280K
Description: Married & single, mid 50s-mid 70s.

Teacher: Lee Hilbert
Teacher Emeritus: Buddy Hamilton
Location: Suite 220
Description: Married & single, 50s-80s.

Bible Explorers
Teachers: Dwight Ross
Location: Suite 220B
Description: Married & single, 60-80.

Teacher: Maureen Lipford
Location: Suite 220A
Description: Women, 65+.

Teachers: Emily and Chris Johnson, Anna Rivers, Art Jones
Location: McDaniel Room
Description: Women, 65+.

Ed Hodges
Teachers: John Farmer, Dickie Hamilton, Bob Morsink, Mary Palmer
Location: Suite 280H
Description: Couples, 70+.

Acts of Friendship
Teacher: Truman Smith
Location: Suite 280B
Description: Married & single, 70+.

Gold Band
Teacher: Sarah Williams
Location: Suite 280C
Description: Married & single, 70+.

Upper Room
Teacher: Charles Nunn
Location: Suite 280F
Description: Married & single, 70+.

Teacher: Katherine Bobbitt
Location: Suite 280D
Description: Women, 75+.

Adams & Fellowship
Teacher: Paul Burkwall
Location: Suite 280G
Description: Men, 75+.

For more information contact Kim Gilliam, Administrative Assistant, or Steve Booth, Associate Pastor.


Deaf Congregation

Jesus, Our Friend
Teacher: Mary Ramsey
Location: Suite 180C
Description: Married & single adults. Most participants are hearing-impaired and use American Sign Language.

For more information contact Sharon Tucker, Deaf Mission Administrative Support.