Bible Study Groups

Bible Study Groups

First Baptist has Bible studies for all ages, every Sunday morning from 9:45 - 10:45 a.m.

Check out our maps for room numbers and welcome areas.

Children and Students

Sunday school classes for children birth through seniors in high school are held every Sunday morning from 9:45 - 10:45 a.m. as follows:

  • Birth-5 years: First Floor
  • 1st-5th Grades: Second Floor
  • 6th-8th Grades (Youth 1): Lower Level
  • 8th-12th Grades (Youth 2): Third Floor


Sunday Morning

Dr. Somerville concluded his weekly Pastor’s Class on April 29Podcasts of previous sessions are available.

Sunday morning bible study classes for adults of all ages are held  from 9:45 - 10:45 a.m. as follows:

Teacher: Tia Cochran
Location: Pusey House, 1st Floor (2705 Park Avenue, behind main church building)
Description: Young adults currently engaged in undergraduate studies.

Young Couples
Teachers: Clint and Sally Ann Smith
Location: Suite 230D
Description: Couples in first 10 years of marriage, mid 20s-30s.

Teachers: Team Teaching
Location: Suite 213
Description: Married & single, mid 30s to 40s.

Teacher: Ruth Anne Walker
Location: Suite 230A
Description: Women, married & single, 30s+

Teacher: Michael Lipford
Location: Suite 240D
Description: Couples, 40s-60s.

Teacher: John Kim
Location: Suite 240C
Description: Married & single, mid 40s-50s.

Teacher: Van Williams
Location: Suite 240J
Description: Couples, mid 40s-50s.

Teacher: Emerson Shelton 
Location: Suite 240B
Description: Married & single, mid 30s-50s

Next Step
Teacher: Bruce Leary
Location: Suite 240H
Description: Married & single, late 50s-60s.

Teacher: Tommy Pusser
Location: Suite 216
Description: Married & single, mid 30s-50s.

Teacher: Mike Harton
Location: LL-12
Description: Single & married, 45+. 

Teacher: Bev Carroll
Location: Suite 244
Description: Married & single, mid 30s-60s.

New Directions
Teacher: Laura Hedrick
Location: Suite 240G
Description: Married & single, mid 60s-70s

Teacher: Gwen Smith
Location: Suite 230B
Description: Single adults, mid 50s-80s.

Radical Grace
Teacher: Larry Henley, Laura McBride
Location: Suite 215
Description: Married & single, mid 40s+

Teacher: Steve Booth
Location: LL16
Description: Single and married, 40s-60s

Studio Class
Teacher: Kathy Thompson 
Location: Suite 208
Description: Married & single, 50s-70s 

Mustard Seed
Teacher: Lewis Myers
Location: Suite 280J
Description: Married & single, mid 50s-70s.

Teachers: Rob Blackmore, Mollie Hummel, Susan Grant, Dan Dixon, Art Jones, Sandra Harris
Teacher Emeritus: Clark Scanlon
Location: Suite 280K
Description: Married & single, mid 50s-mid 70s.

Teacher: Lee Hilbert
Teacher Emeritus: Buddy Hamilton
Location: Suite 220
Description: Married & single, 50s-80s.

Bible Explorers
Teachers: Dwight Ross
Location: Suite 220B
Description: Married & single, 60-80.

Teacher: Maureen Lipford
Location: Suite 220A
Description: Women, 65+.

Teachers: Emily and Chris Johnson, Anna Rivers, Art Jones
Location: McDaniel Room
Description: Women, 70+.

Ed Hodges
Teachers: John Farmer, Dickie Hamilton, Bob Morsink, Bob Palmer, Billy Burford
Location: Suite 280H
Description: Couples, 70+.

Acts of Friendship
Teacher: Truman Smith
Location: Suite 280B
Description: Married & single, 70+.

Gold Band
Teacher: Sarah Williams
Location: Suite 280C
Description: Married & single, 70+.

Upper Room
Teacher: Charles Nunn
Location: Suite 280F
Description: Married & single, 70+.

Teacher: Katherine Bobbitt
Location: Suite 280D
Description: Women, 75+.

Adams & Fellowship
Teacher: Paul Burkwall
Location: Suite 280G
Description: Men of all ages

Teacher: Martha Willard
Location: Suite 243
Description: Adults with special needs

For more information contact Kim Wicks, Administrative Assistant, or Steve Booth, Associate Pastor.


Deaf Congregation

Jesus, Our Friend
Teacher: Mary Ramsey
Location: Suite 180C
Description: Married & single adults. Most participants are hearing-impaired and use American Sign Language.

For more information contact Kim Wicks, Administrative Assistant.