2020 Vision

2020 Vision

During 2016, our church began a visioning process to create long range planning guidance for the next several years. We call it 2020 Vision. Twelve implementation teams were born from this process and work hard to create events, blueprints, strategies and programs to turn our church’s dreams into reality. View the latest video report below to learn all about the great things they’re doing.

See previous reports and information about the early stages of this process.

Implementation Process

To begin addressing many of the church’s dreams, 12 implementation Teams formed to start the work of turning our dreams into reality. Dr. Somerville has blogged about their work.

  1. Adult Spiritual Literacy Team
    Mike Harton Team Leader
    Steve BoothStaff Liaison
    Virginia Darnell & Lee Stephenson – 2020 Vision Liaisons
    To expand opportunities for a greater understanding of scripture, theology, and a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ

  2. Children Discipleship Blueprint Team
    Whitney Wallin – Team Leader
    Candi Brown – Staff Liaison
    Anne Keo – 2020 Vision Liaison
    To define foundational building blocks for faith development from birth through grade 5

  3. Youth Discipleship Blueprint Team
    Mark Potts Team Leader
    Bart Dalton – Staff Liaison
    Shawnae Lacy – 2020 Vision Liaison
    To define foundational building blocks for faith development from grade 6 through college

  4. 100 Small Groups Initiative Team
    Shirley Siebert Team Leader
    Jim Somerville – Staff Liaison
    Clint Smith 2020 Vision Liaison
    To develop a plan for small groups across RVA, facilitated by trained Richmond’s First Baptist Church  members to lead, love, and disciple.

    Sign up to lead a small group! (Our church is listed as Richmond's First Baptist Church.)
    See all the small groups available.

  5. Strengthening Relationships with our Neighbors Team
    Justin Griffin Team Leader
    Ralph Starling – Staff Liaison
    Mark Larson – 2020 Vision Liaison
    To explore opportunities to connect and share the love of Christ with our neighbors

  6. Alternative Times for Worship Team
    Karen Brown Team Leader
    Phil Mitchell – Staff Liaison
    Allen Brown – 2020 Vision Liaison
    To study the possibility of establishing a lay led worship service at a time other than
    Sunday morning

  7. School Partnerships Team
    Raylene Harton Team Leader
    Ann Carter – Staff Liaison
    Julie Pierce – 2020 Vision Liaison
    To develop a plan for building relationships with students, teachers, and parents, to assist with identified needs

  8. Community Garden Team
    Todd Ball Team Leader
    Steve Blanchard – Staff Liaison
    Michael Lipford – 2020 Vision Liaison
    To review the possibility of developing or partnering to develop, a gardening program to provide food for those in need

  9. Marriage Enrichment Team
    Sally Ann Smith – Team Leader
    Lynn Turner & Steve Booth – Staff Liaisons
    Jim Norvelle – 2020 Vision Liaison
    To study ways to support and strengthen marriage and families in our congregation
    For more information about strengthening marriages and families please check out our website.

  10. Building Community through Interest Groups Team
    Anne Ball – Team Leader
    Ruth Szucs – Staff Liaison
    Lisa Tuck – 2020 Vision Liaison
    To facilitate the process and opportunities for connecting people with common interests

  11. Building Community through Gathering Spaces Team
    Jeannie Welliver Team Leader
    Lynn Turner – Staff Liaison
    Charles Tilley – 2020 Vision Liaison
    To identify possible facility alterations to provide space that encourages fellowship and community

  12. Communication Team
    Brent Gambill Team Leader
    Allen Cumbia – Staff Liaison
    Richard Szucs – 2020 Vision Liaison
    To expand invitation through social media, website, and television and to improve collection and use of electronic data to inform our membership and others what is going on at Richmond’s First Baptist Church

See Dr. Somerville’s blog about their work.