How much does God ask us to give?


Tithing is the figure most often cited by church leaders. Literally, tithing is giving 10% of what you possess to others. This is easy to compute ? simply move a decimal point on what you earn and give that figure. But tithing should be seen as a starting point. As Christians mature in their faith, God asks us to do more than the minimum. God asks us to be generous with all that we have:

• Your time

Every human has the same amount of time in a day so the question is, how do you use that time? Most of us work in order to provide food, clothing, and shelter. Many of us are fortunate to have free time in the evenings or weekends. Are we giving that time to help others? Reading to kids, volunteering in community organizations, helping with fundraisers, etc. What are you doing?

• Your abilities

Some people are wildly talented ? not everyone can be a Michael Jordan on the basketball court. But all of us have skills, each person is gifted. Are you using those skills to help others or do think you?re ?not good enough?? God made you and your gifts. Use them to help God?s children just as others have helped you.


• Your finances

Everyone wishes they had more money than they do now. But God?s question is not how much more do you want but what are you doing with what you already have. God charges you with being generous with your present financial status. Are you faithful with what you have? Are you generous?

Tithing is the beginning. Generosity is the goal. To some people, a tithe is being generous; to others a reverse tithe (giving away 90%) is generous. To most of us, being generous is somewhere in between. Spend time with God each week asking for and recognizing opportunities to be generous with your time, your talents, and your money.