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WebClass Bible Study Resources for August 4, 2015

The teacher for this session is Kathy Thompson.

Let's discover some good news together. 

  • Do you like surprises?
  • What is the best surprise you have ever received?
  • What do you know about King David? 

Watch the clip "From The Heart Of David" from RiseUp Resources.

  • Does the video remind you of anything you had forgotten or did not know about David’s life?
  • What is the best thing you know about King David’s life? 
  • What is the worst thing you know about King David’s life? 

Watch the clip "ON Scripture: Nathan Rebukes David" from OdysseyNetworks.

  • What the do you think about the speaker's ideas about standing up for your faith?

Read 2 Samuel 11:26-12:5a.

  • Do you ever just want a time of rest? 
  • Not we may not make the same bad decisions as King David, but why do we often make bad decisions when we have “free time?” 
  • How do we find the balance between work and rest as citizens of God’s Kingdom?
  • What about the child? Does it seem fair that the child dies? 
  • How do we balance that with God’s love?
  • What does this teach us about the consequences of our sins for ourselves and for others?
  • What do you think of David’s repentance after Nathan rebukes him? 
  • Do you think it's genuine, just a natural part of getting caught, or a combination of both? 

Read Proverbs 22:3.

  • How do you feel that applies to our main text today? 
  • What do you think was going through Nathan's mind as he approached the king?  
  • How well do you listen to God urging you to be "a Nathan?"
  • How could David have missed the sin he committed with Bathsheba and Uriah? 
  • Why did Nathan start with a story when confronting David about his sin? 
  • What does David’s anger about the person in the story tell you about his understanding of sin?
  • How did David respond to Nathan’s words? 
  • Do you think David really felt guilty about what he had done, or guilty because he had been caught? Why?
  • What do you think of the punishment God is giving to David? Is it just? Why or why not?

Watch the clip "The Prophet Nathan reveals King David's sin" from YouTube.

  • Who is one person in your life that has nothing to lose by telling you the truth? 
  • Do you seek wisdom from that person? Why or why not? 
  • What about the person who has everything to lose by speaking to you but they do it anyway?
  • Why do we look so hard for someone to tell us what we want to hear? 
  • Who have been the “Nathans” in your life? Did you listen? 
  • Why is it so much easier to preach to others about what they should versus actually listening to what we need to do?
  • Would you rather have people in your life like Nathan who aren’t afraid to call you out on it, or would you prefer for everyone to just mind their own business? Why? 
  • What's the difference between judging someone and rebuking them of their sin?
  • What does that likely say about their love for you? 
  • What does it say about someone’s love for you if they just let you keep on sinning?
  • Have you ever given someone permission to correct you when they think you are living a sinful life?  

Paul reminds us in Romans 6:23 that sin ultimately leads to death.  

  • What kind of death is Paul taking about here?

David's actions remind us of how one sin may lead to greater sin and greater sorrow. David was neither the first nor the last to have done something wrong, and then compounded the problem while trying to cover up the sin.  

  • Why do we have problems "owning up" with God?

David found grace, but it was not cheap grace. He had "utterly scorned the LORD," and his sin could not be easily dismissed.

"Rather than falling upon David, however, the death penalty David deserved was transferred to the innocent child of his adultery [2 Samuel 12:14-15], who would die in David's behalf – a sad story told in the remainder of the chapter." – Tony Cartlege

  • What do you think?

The good news is that even though grace is never cheap, it is freely given. According to scripture we can live in it, stand in it, receive it, and give it.  




Nick Deere serves as the Pastoral Resident. Nick received a Master of Divinity from Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University in Waco, Texas in 2014, a Master of Science in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin in 2011, and Bachelor of Arts in the University Scholars program with emphasis on Math and Economics from Baylor University in Waco, Texas in 2009. He has interned at churches in Connecticut and Texas, and he was licensed by University Baptist Church in Waco, Texas in 2011. In his free time, Nick enjoys reading, hiking, attempting to play basketball, and watching movies.