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WebClass Bible Study Resources for December 6, 2015

The teacher for this session is Kathy Thompson.

Here we are at the first Sunday in December and it is already the second Sunday in the Advent season.
Time is not slowing down at all. 
We are looking for some peace this week.

  • Anybody need a little? 

Let's get started.

  • What is one thing you are doing in your life that 5 years ago you could not have predicted you would be doing?
  • What is peace?  

View a movie clip from Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ulton.

  • Who is seeking peace in this movie clip? 
  • Do we confuse peace with quiet as the villain Ultron says? 

Ultron feels that peace can only happen if humanity is eliminated. 

  • Does that fit your idea of peace? 

Tony Stark, Ironman, feels peace only comes from surrounding our world with an impenetrable armor so nothing can harm it. 

  • Does that sounds like peace?
  • How many movies can you think of that are about balancing strength, truth, and a desire for peace?
  • Does the Advent season help you embrace peace? 
  • How or how not? 
  • Do you remember when the royal baby was born? 
  • Was it peaceful? 

View Royal Baby video from CNN.
For the record, Kate Middleton did not have an epidural. 

  • Does the excitement of giving birth to the royal baby sound peaceful? 

This week’s Advent passage tells about the birth of a prophet and an interesting way to view peace.

Read Luke 1:68-79.

Zechariah was a priest. Like any job, I suppose a priest's job could be routine. Study, pray, slaughter a lamb... But there was that day that an angel visited Zechariah in his old age and told him that he and Elizabeth were going to have a son. Zechariah knew human biology, so he argued with the angel. This is not the thing to do with an angel. So, the angel ended the debate by striking Zechariah mute until the baby was born.

  • What are some of the emotions surrounding this birth?

The parents have joy. The onlookers have fear. 

  • What's up with that?

Zechariah's name means "God remembered." 

  • Where do you see that God remembers?
  • How did this child bring peace for Elizabeth and Zechariah?
  • How did this baby eventually guide people in the ways of peace? 
  • How did this baby shine light into the darkness? 
  • Did this child live in a time of violence (including his death)?
  • How do we embrace the peace of God when we view reports of violent acts every day in our news?
  • Is violence needed to achieve peace? 
  • What are ways we can show the path of divine peace in our everyday life?

View 'Dear Santa' Sign video clip.

  • Is this misplaced sign a deterrent to peace? 
  • How do we guard the peace of the young and old alike? 
  • How would this sign have made you feel? 
  • How can followers of Jesus bring peace to a world that seems to fight over everything? 
  • How can we be peace when so many poor views of peace exist?

Nadia Boltz-Webber said,
"I wonder if Zechariah was reluctant to believe this good news that Elizabeth would bear a son because he thought he already knew his own story...because he had become so comfortable with the story he told himself and others had told him about what his life looks like and what it will always look like and so he couldn't believe another story was even possible. So, I think maybe that his enforced period of muteness was actually what allowed him to receive a new story..."

  • Could it be that in this season of hustle and bustle and noise and running that God is waiting to write a new chapter in our story? 
  • Are we open to receiving a new word from God that would allow us to receive a new story or a whole new way of understanding our life's circumstances? 
  • Can we hear him speaking over the noise and busyness? 
  • Do we need a time of quiet or maybe even muteness in order to receive what God has planned for us? 



A native of Virginia, Kathy Thompson is the daughter of a Baptist minister. She also married a Baptist minister! She and her husband, Robert, live in Ashland, Virginia where he recently retired as Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Ashland, where they served for 20 years. Kathy was active in the music department at First Baptist and taught Sunday School for many years. She is a graduate of George Mason University in Fairfax, VA and teaches music at Liberty Christian School. She and Robert are the parents of two sons: Matthew and his wife Jennifer, and Christopher and grandparents to Peyton Elizabeth. They also have a precious dog named Eli.