The Physician Within

Many people rely on doctors and hospital emergency rooms to deal with routine medical issues which they are often capable of managing or preventing for themselves. This medical series, coordinated by FBC member and Richmond Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Terry Whipple, is designed to help people understand common health issues and adjust their lifestyles for a longer, safer, healthier existence.

Holiday Health

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Move It or Lose It:
Physical Movement Is Pre-emptive Medicine

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
6:00 - 8:00 p.m. in the Dining Hall, Mulberry Street entrance

Hear insights from experts in their field:

Andrew Lee, MS, NSCA
High Performance Trainer and Coach at Push4Success

Madge Zacharias, MD
—founder of Zacharias-Ganey Health Institute

James McCullough, MD
—VCU Professor of Psychology


A farmer parks his tractor in a field for some time.  When he returns to use it, the tractor won’t start.  It had rusted mechanical parts, clogged fuel lines and, of course, a dead battery.  It had remained idle for too long.

Lot’s wife was told to quickly leave the city of Sodom before God destroyed it.  But she hesitated in her evacuation, looked back on the city and was turned into a pillar of salt, never again to move because she had stopped doing so.

Our physical bodies were created to move.  Things that are intended to move should move; otherwise they lose that ability.  The systems essential to movement are sensitive to neglect and become ill-fit for movement unless they are exercised and kept in tune. 

Matthew 25: 14-30 tells of the fate of those who were given talents and were rewarded if they used them profitably, but were deprived if they did not.  What talents were we given?  Certainly movement or mobility is one of them.  We are not stationary oaks or mountains.  We are human, in God’s image.  If we, too, are good stewards of the talents we are given, they will be multiplied many fold.  And if we are not good stewards, we will lose even that which we were given.  And that includes our movement.

The Physician Within mission attempts to teach us to prevent illness and injury and to maintain our health.  Movement is essential to good health, enables us to avoid injuries and conditions us for fuller, faster recovery from illnesses and injuries when they do occur.  “Move It or Lose It” is the subject of the next seminar for The Physician Within.  It will apply to people of all ages, all abilities, both genders. Don’t miss it; here’s why:

Movement and exercise benefit far more than one might realize.  Of course athletes train for strength, stamina, flexibility and balance.  We presume these are benefits for the musculoskeletal system—bones, muscles and joints.  They also are essential to good heart health and endurance.  But you already knew that, too.  What we don’t know, perhaps, is that movement and exercise, whether rigorous or simple, done regularly and with commitment, also greatly benefit our nervous systems (both the central and peripheral nervous systems), our gastrointestinal systems, our vascular systems, metabolism—even our self-image, enthusiasm, independence and sleep patterns. 

Are any of those lacking or deficient?  Movement and exercise, even in a wheelchair, may not be a panacea, but it can restore or improve all of the above and more.  The Physician Within “Move It or Lose It” seminar on Wednesday, July 23 will explain how.  Authorities will teach us the mechanics and physiology behind these health benefits.  They will provide insights for youthful athletes, non-athletes, moms and dads, the elderly and the infirm. 

Nobody’s perfect, but we all could be better.  Mark this date and bring a friend or two. Move it, or lose it.


previous sessions:


Symptoms Without Disease: Body, Mind & Spirit

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
6:15 - 8:30 p.m. in the Dining Hall, Mulberry Street entrance

Learn how to recognize common symptoms that disrupt our lives, energy and attitudes.
Coordinated by Richmond Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Terry Whipple.
FREE and open to the public for a healthier Richmond.

• James P. McCullough, PhD, Professor of Psychology, VCU School of Medicine, author and original researcher in the field of depression.

INSOMNIA, its causes and treatments
• Gerard D. Santos, MD, Medical Director of the Bon Secours Sleep Disorders Center and expert on insomnia.

MOOD SWINGS without underlying cause
• Martin Buxton, MD, Psychiatrist with Insight Physicians and expert in addiction behaviors.

There will be light refreshments available from 6:15 - 6:30 p.m.

DON'T EAT THAT! Health Risks of What We Eat, Drink, and Inhale

Focusing on the food we eat, how it helps and hurts us, with information about specific risk factors and conditions that can result from poor choices.
Sponsored in cooperation with the Richmond Academy of Medicine

Saturday, October 26, 2013, 9 am - 11 am:

We Are What We Eat: Physical and Emotional Health
Terry Whipple, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon and Founder of The Physician Within

Tuesday, October 29, 2013, 6 pm - 7:30 pm:

Nutrition, Weight Management and Exercise
Madge E. Zacharias, MD, Nutrition Metabolism Expert

Cancer Risks of What We Eat, Drink and Inhale
Joshua J. McFarlane, MD, Virginia Cancer Institute

Wednesday, October 30, 3012, 6 pm - 7:30 pm:

Gastro-intestinal Effects of What We Eat and Drink
Andy J. Thanjan, MD, Gastrointestinal Specialists, Inc.

Addictive Behaviors: Breaking Bad Habits with Food, Drink and Drugs
Martin N. Buxton, MD, Expert in Addiction Disorders

New News About Nutrition, Obesity and Adult Diabetes
Stanley N. Furman, MD, Geriatrician

Saturday, May 4, 2013
Sponsored in cooperation with the Richmond Academy of Medicine

Back and Neck Pain — Why and Why Not?

Each topic was discussed by a medical doctor specializing in the area.
Q & A to follow, moderated by Dr. Terry Whipple.
• Disc Disease in the Lumbar Spine - Rick Placide, MD (see the presentation notes)
• Cervical Disc Disease—Degenerative and Traumatic - Adam C. Crowl, MD (see the presentation notes)
• Arthritis of the Spine and Facet Joints - Mike DePalma, MD (see the presentation notes)
• Muscle and Fascia Sources of Back and Neck Pain - Andrea Katz, MS, PT (see the presentation notes)
• Abdominal Causes of Back Pain - Terry Whipple, MD (see the presentation notes)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Sponsored in cooperation with Retreat Doctors' Hospital and the Virginia Cancer Institute

Cancer - causes, prevention, symptoms, care options, prognosis

Medical doctors led concurrent sessions on six cancer-related topics.

Participants also had opportunity to receive a free DermaScan skin cancer screening and to sign up for a mammogram or colonoscopy.

Breakout Sessions:

Breast Cancer - Dr. James Khatcheressian
Lung Cancer - Dr. Elke Freidman
Colon Cancer - Dr. Brian Mitchell
Prostate Cancer - Dr. Joshua McFarlane
Lymphoma and Leukemia - Dr. Gisa Schunn
Other Cancers (Skin, Bone, Pancreas, Stomach, Esophagus, etc.) - Dr. David Trent

A Saturday symposium dealing with Nerves and Nervous System
May 5, 2012.

Nervous? No matter what your age, the nervous system is prone to hiccups and malfunction.
Symptoms range from paralysis to anxiety, from chronic pain to depression.
We all get it, got it or will get it sooner or later. What will YOU do about it?

• Pinched nerves (neck/ low back) and peripheral neuropathy—Maged Hamza, MD
• Tremors—Matthew Boyce, MD
• Stroke—Warren Felton, III, MD
• Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome—Terry Whipple, MD
• Depression—Mimi Pizzani, MD
• Alzheimer’s and dementia—Stanly Furman, MD

The Physician Within, a medical education program designed to foster more accurate understanding and self-help measures for the general public, is entering its fourth year.
This session on the nervous system was suggested by many of the participants in previous sessions.

View some of the previous sessions:

John Fitzgerald, MD
Angina—interpreting the symptoms, risks of a heart attack, familial and lifestyle risks, caution and precaution
Caring for the 60 Year Old Heart

Robert Levitt, MD
Heart Medications—Classifications and how they work
Defibrillators and Pacemakers
Heart-healthy diets and supplements/exercise

Ed Martirosian, MD and Rebecca Smith, RN, NP
Relationship of Coronary Artery Disease with Stroke, HBP, Peripheral Artery Disease
CPR Revised Technique

Shelton Thomas, MD
Diagnosing Coronary Artery Disease
Bypass Surgery vs Stents—differences in indications, patient’s experience, risks, durability

Previous sessions participating doctors and their topics:

Childhood ADHD and Behavioral Issues
tantrums, anxiety, adolescent moods, situational coping
See and hear this session.
Download Dr. Miriam Pizzani's PowerPoint presentation on ADHD & Behavioral Issues.
Download Dr. Valerie Crandall's PowerPoint presentation on Childhood Anxiety & Depression.

Childhood Weight Management
parental responsibilities regarding nutrition, physical activity, snacking, etc.
See and hear this session.
Download Dr. Bob Shayne's PowerPoint presentation.
Download Dr. Tamara Charity-Brown's PowerPoint presentation.
Download Dr. Valerie Bowman's PowerPoint presentation.
Download some websites recommended by Dr. Shayne.

Childhood Safety
including drugs, meds, pools, trampolines, car seats, accident prevention
See and hear this session.
Download Dr. Naim Bashir's PowerPoint presentation.
Download Dr. Robert Tuten's PowerPoint presentation.
Download Dr. Terry Whipple's PowerPoint presentation.

Advances in Cancer Treatment and Prevention.
David Trent, MD
See Dr. Trent's presentation.

What to Anticipate if It Might Be Alzheimer’s... or Something Else.
Robert Cohen, MD
See Dr. Cohen's presentation.
Download Dr. Cohen's handout.

Life Before and After Total Knee or Hip Replacement.
William Jiranek, MD
See Dr. Jiranek's presentation.
Download Dr. Jiranek's handout.

Chest Pain – Is It My Heart?
Steven W. Cross, MD
See Dr. Cross's Presentation.
Download Dr. Cross's handout.

DVD copies from the Fall of 2009 series may be ordered by contacting the FBC Communcation Ministry.


“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit?”
(1 Corinthians 6:19)


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