Window Preservation

Stained Glass Window Preservation

For almost seventy years the stained glass windows in our sanctuary have illuminated the story of the life of Christ. Each of these windows includes a companion, contemporary window on the lower level that depicts the influences of those events on the life and work of our Church. Together these provide a visual narrative of the eternal love of Christ for us and that He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

As a part of the sanctuary interior renovation of 2014, the stained glass windows on the east and west of the sanctuary were identified as needing restoration and protection. Over the years, several of the windows have become bowed and need structural repairs. All the windows need new protective coverings and to be sealed against the weather. At the time, the cost for this work was determined to be a secondary priority and the work was delayed. With the restoration of the sanctuary complete, we have moved to proceed with making the changes required to protect these windows for generations to come.

Sanctuary Window Preservation Sponsorship

Because of our congregation's great generosity, as of December 1, 2016, all 26 of our church's historic stained glass windows have been sponsored! Thank you! The total amount needed to perform this work is approximately $195,000. There are 26 windows and the average cost of repairs and preservation for each window is $7500.

stained-galss-repair-1st.jpgThe repairs on the first window are complete! The window (pictured) is located in the stairwell between the Sanctuary and the hallway on the Boulevard side of the church. Breaks in the glass have been repaired with new lead. Repairs continue on the other windows. Please check this page for future updates as the work progresses.

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