For Ladies Only (FLO)

FLO (For Ladies Only)

Who is FLO?

  • She is single, married, divorced and widowed.
  • She has a career, is a full time homemaker, and is retired.
  • She has no kids, grown kids, grandkids, preschoolers, and teenagers.
  • She is 25, 91 and every age in between.
  • She is a new Christian and has served God for decades.
  • She is not perfect, but she eagerly seeks the God who is.
  • She is alive and well at FBC and we would love to include you in some or all of our women’s fellowships and Bible studies.

Bible Study Opportunities

Monday Morning Bible Study, 9:30 a.m., Suite 280
Led by Bev Carroll

There is childcare provided for the Monday morning Bible Study. Please register your child by contacting Suzanne Mason. Childcare is $5 per child per session, $8 per family. Money is collected at the end of each month.

September 12, 2016  - Jeremiah: Daring to Hope in an Unstable World by Melissa Spoelstra - video study

November 7, 2016 -  Anything: The prayer that unlocked God and my soul by Jennie Allen  - book study

Special Events

Summer Book Study
Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. in the Adams Room

June 21, 2016 - Bev Carroll will teach her book God Chooses People Like You.
The heroes of the Bible weren't any more gifted or powerful than you are.
Their stories show them to be flawed, ordinary people living ordinary lives and doing ordinary things. Their struggles and temptations were no different from ours. But they allowed their ordinary lives to be interrupted by God, who is anything but ordinary. They chose to obey God when they did not necessarily see a happy ending. And when they did, what we see as a remarkable hero in the Bible is just an ordinary person reflecting the glory of God.  Our capabilities are far less influential than the choices we make, and our choices become the stories of our lives. We can continue to serve the pain of our past and be held captive by what we wish we could change, or we can let our belief in the power of God overshadow the size of our enemy and the depth of our weakness. God doesn't need heroes. He wants you. His power and glory are most evident in your weakness. Your past is never too complicated or too far gone for God to redeem into something beautiful-resurrection is His specialty.
Books ($10) available May 22 in classroom 244.

July 19, 2016  - Sandra Harris will teach Higher Than Me by Claudia Stewart Farrell.
Higher Than Me is a true story of faith: a three-generation account of a family. Follow the thread of a young woman, who devoted herself to the Lord, allowing Him to lead her on the path that she should go. The story book romance of this seemingly unlikely couple met unexpected resistance as their plans to marry were revealed, but they raised three talented children whose lives fulfilled a prophecy spoken before the youngest was even conceived.
It's a tale of victims becoming over-comers. It's a tale of God's love and faithfulness. In Higher Than Me you will learn the process that took three young kids from Highland, New York, to worldwide recognition on America's Got Talent. This is a classic beauty from ashes story. Claudia Stewart Farrell is a writer with a single record the manifestation and magnification of the goodness of God in people's lives. She has been dubbed a "Scribe for God".

August 23, 2016 - Roberta Damon will teach her book A Voice Beyond Weeping.
This is Dr. Damon's autobiography. In it she shares the story of her three mothers, the relationships of her childhood, and God's call on her life.
From her heart as an innocent child to the understanding of her heart as a professional counselor she shares the stories of her life. She recaptures the enchantment of a more innocent time, and shares her story as she gives us insight into tools that allow us to asses our own stories of pain, suffering, and victory.

13th Annual FLO Christmas Tea

December 10, 2016, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. in Flamming (Dining) Hall at First Baptist Church

Save the date!



Widows and Women (Caregivers) Alone is designed for women who are widowed or are caring for spouses who are terminally/chronically ill. Its purpose is to support and encourage those who are experiencing this “alone” time. Meetings are held once a month, and include luncheons, dinners, major community events, and other activities as they may be of interest to the group.

The monthly meeting includes a brief devotion and prayer time, lunch or dinner, and sharing of interests and fun time. Reservations are requested, and may be directed to Maureen Lipford 270-1264. Your comments and questions are welcome. PLEASE REMEMBER TO MAKE RESERVATIONS!

2016 Schedule:

Tuesday, June 21, 11:45 a.m. – O’Charley’s, West Broad St. at Horsepen Road

If you want to carpool to any of these locations, or have any questions, please let Maureen know when you call or email your reservation.  We look forward to lunches and chats.

First Rider 2016


April 16:  Five & Dime   Meet at Robinson St. parking lot.  Kickstands up at 9:30 am.  We will be traveling Rt. 5 to

Jamestown, take the ferry to Surry and Rt. 10 to Smithfield Station for lunch. Returning via Routes 10, 156 and 5.

to home. 4 hours riding time not including lunch 160 miles round trip