First Baptist Deacons

Regular Deacon meetings will be held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in Flamming (Dining) Hall unless otherwise noted. Changes will be announced in advance. Generally there will be no meetings in July or August unless necessary.

See the Deacon Manual.

Active Deacon Board for 2016

Life, Lifetime Emeritus & Emeritus Deacons (12)

Mrs. George E. (Betty) Allen, LED
Anne Carnefix, LED
B. Roland Evans, ED
John D. Farmer, ED
Otto F. (Buddy) Hamilton, Jr., LD
Richmond H. (Dickie) Hamilton, LED
Meredith A. House, LED
William B. Johnston, LED
W. Broaddus Massey, Jr., LED
Robert W. Vance, LED

Serve thru 2016 (26)

Kevin Beale
Beverley Beer
Joyce Clemmons
Inez Cocke
Heath Coryell
Karen Daughtrey
Charlie Dixon
Roland Evans
John Farmer
Susan Grant
Jeannie Hechler
Bill Hundley
Carrie Larson
Kaky Minter
John Moreau
Ann Phaup
Vicki Pope
Rob Reinstein
Karen Riggs
Kathy Rock
Dwight Ross
Julia Scott
Liz Southworth
Ken Storey
Charles Tilly
Joy Townsend

Serve thru 2017 (25)

Sue Atkins
Rob Blackmore
Valerie Breeden
Allen Brown
Lisa Byerly
Keith Carroll
Virginia Darnell
Clyde Davis
Chip Delano
Brad Earley
Raylene Harton
Carl Johnson
Anne Keo 
Michael Lacy
Martin Law
Bruce Leary
Gail Markham
David Maynard
Connie McRoberts
Courtney Moses
Jim Norvelle
Gerry Ozmore
Trip Phaup
Clint Smith
Eddie Stratton

Serve thru 2018 (26)

Martha Barnhill
Susan Beach
Andy Beale
Katherine Bobbitt
Debbie Boykin
Dot Canipe
Nancy Chewning
Martha Cloe
David Culotta
Carl Evans
David Hobson
Jim Kulp
Kim McIntosh
Bill Mayes
Ed Parkinson
Jane Pearson
Carolyn Powers
Todd Ritter
Mark Roane
Virginia “Ginny” Samuel
Jerry Spivey
Lee Stephenson
Philip “PJ” Wallin
Barbara Watson
Beverly Wells
Larry West

Deacon Fellowship
(all ordained deacons including those not on the active Board)